Discipleship Training

I think I’m a lot like you. There was a time in my life when I wanted to grow in my faith but just didn’t know how.

* I owned a Bible, but didn’t understand it.
* I heard others pray, but didn’t know how to communicate with God.
* I wanted to share my faith with others, but didn’t know where to start.
* I had friends at Church, but lacked deep relationships with anyone.
* I wanted to hide God’s word in my heart, but lacked a plan for memorization.

* I read the Scriptures, but didn’t know how to apply them.
* I understood the value of investing in others, but lacked courage to begin.

Maybe this is where you are today.

Would it help to have access to a comprehensive videos to assist you in your discipleship journey? 

New lessons are being added to the course often, so make sure you visit frequently. 


01. Invitation
02. Testimony
03. Overview of Course
04. List of Credits

Why Make Disciples

05. What is Discipleship? Defining the Terms; Christian vs. Disciple
06. Present Situation – Statistics
07. Jesus Model for Reproducing Disciples
08. Apostles Model for Reproducing Disciples
09. 3 Compelling Reasons for Meeting in a Discipleship Group Part 1 and Part 2
10. Ministry Myths that Hinder Believers
11. Difference Between Addition & Multiplication Part 1 and Part 2
12. Transformational Discipleship: In Community Not Isolation
13. Three Planks for Disciplemaking
14. Divine Agents in the Discipleship Process

What To Do Before You Get Started

15.What Material Should I Use?
16. How do I Form a Discipleship Group?
17. How do I Form a Discipleship Group? Part 2
18. Expectations for the Discipleship Group

19. Learning to Lead Others
20. Where do I Meet, How Long, and How Often?
21. What Does the First Meeting Look Like
22. Jesus’s Model for Making Disciples?
23. Why You Should Disciple in a Group of 3 to 5 (Part 1)

24. Why You Should Disciple in a Group of 3 to 5 (Part 2)
25. Should I Ever Meet with Someone 1 on 1?
26. How to Determine Whether to be Leader or Participant?

27. Assessing the Spiritual Temperature of the Participants
28. How do I Invite Someone to be in a Group?
29. The Importance of Authentic Walk with God
30. 5 Steps to Take Before Beginning a Discipleship Group
31. Step by Step Format for Leading a Group

D-Group DNA

32. The Importance of Fellowship with Other Believers
33. Personal Accountability
34. How do I Lead Others on a Journey
35 Carrying Out the Great Commission
36. 3 Essential Elements of a Discipleship Group
37. 3 Indispensable Relationships Every Believer Must Have
38. Change Agents for Spiritual Maturity

39. The ABC’s of a Healthy Group

Growing Up (How to Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples)

40. No Pain, No Gain: Spiritual Disciplines
41. Communicate: Prayer
42. Learn: Inductive Bible Study & Bible Translation
43. Obey: Obedience
44. Store: Memory Part 1 and Part 2
45. Evangelize: Witness

46. Record: H.E.A.R.

Firmly Planted (Growing in your Faith)

47. Saved, Sure, and Secure: Our Assurance of Salvation
48. How Can I Be So Sure: Three Marks of a Believer
49. Dress for Success: Our Identity in Christ
50. United in Christ: Overcoming Temptation
51. A Walk to Remember: Walking in the Spirit
52. Misdirected Affections: The External Enemy
53. Knowing is Half the Battle: The Infernal Enemy
54. Triumphing Over Temptation: The Internal Enemy
55. Suit Up for Battle: Spiritual Warfare I
56. Calling Out to the Commander in Chief: Spiritual Warfare II

Bearing Fruit (The Great Commission)

Coming Spring 2016

Commonly Asked Questions

57. Should I Ever Ask Someone to Leave the Group? Part 1 and Part 2
58. Can I Lead a Group If I’ve Never Been Discipled Before?
59. Should we Only Hang Out Once a Week?
60. What If a Group Member Refuses to Repent of Sin?
61. What Part Does Evangelism Play in the Discipleship Process?
62. Should I Disciple Someone of a Different Denomination?
63. Should I Disciple Non-Believers?

Replication of the Group

64. Are you a Co-worker or a Consumer?
65. When Do I Send the Group Out to Invest In Others?
66. Long Term Accountability with Previous Disciples
67. What if They Aren’t Ready to Reproduce?
68. How Do I Prepare a Lesson each week?
69. How We Changed the Culture at Brainerd Baptist Church?
70. Are You Hitting the Center of the Wrong Target? Part 1
71. Are You Hitting the Center of the Wrong Target? Part 2

72. Discipleship Pipeline (Pond-Pipeline-Process-Place of Service)
73. Discipling a Pastoral Staff
74. The Connection between Discipline and Discipleship
75. Imitation of Christ: Follow Me as I Follow Christ
76. How to Multiply Disciples instead of Adding them Part 1
77. How to Multiply Disciples instead of Adding them Part 2
78. Are you Implementing a Wikipedia or Nupedia Discipleship Strategy? 

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