Two Major Reasons Why You Aren't In A Discipleship Group

Here are two major reasons why you aren’t In a Discipleship Group: Uncertainty Some, if not most, of you haven’t been discipled before, so you don’t know what to do. Since you haven’t seen a group lived out before you, you are confused about the discipleship process. It could also be that you don’t understand the benefits of the group. A person who has never worked out for an extended period of time will never fully realize the benefits of training. It’s only when you purchase a membership, wake up early, and begin training that you are sold on the benefits of working out. If I go a week without working out, I can tell a difference in my life—I have worked out nearly ever week for 26 years! Ignorance Most would say, “I haven’t been there and done that before, so I can’t lead a discipleship group.” When you don’t know what to do, you don’t do anything at all. Ignorance of what to teach and how to lead has paralyzed believers for two millennia. You know more than you think you know. If you are further along the journey than someone else, you can at least lead him or her to where you are. What Can I Do? A discipleship group is not the only aspect of making disciples, but it’s an essential component. What other environment lends itself to accountability and transparency about your life, marriage, and ministry? What if you had someone walk alongside you, like a coach, through the process of preparing and leading a discipleship group? Would that help? This person would prep you for the upcoming group meeting and share insights and expectations every week. I believe most people would lead a group if someone discipled them how to do it. The Growing Up Challenge solves both problems. No longer can you use the excuses, “I don’t know how to lead a group because I’ve never seen a group!” or “I don’t know what to teach because I’ve never been discipled!” For those using Growing Up as a manual for making disciples, I will outline the first thirteen group meetings for you. In the comfort of your home, you can access videos that provide step-by-step training for investing in others. Additionally, you will get all your questions answered through the commenting community. If you are interested in the Growing Up Challenge, visit to sign up. When is the best time to begin a group? The ideal time for beginning a discipleship group is January when people are seeking to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions! Don’t take my word for it. Here is what Melanie B. said:
Over the years, I have read the Bible 3 times through, front to back. But, I have never read it daily. I have never memorized scripture, and I never wanted to. With a discipleship group, I am in the Word daily. I memorize scripture. I may not remember all of the verses I have memorized so far, but I do believe that God will bring those scriptures to my mind if they are needed. In fact, He already has. These women have become an integral part of my life. I feel God hand picked them just for me. And, other women in the group have expressed this same belief. Each of us came into the group with our own pain, and all of us have felt comfortable enough to bear our souls. All of us have grown because of our time together. Each in her own way, but due to the same reason. Our love and acceptance of one another. We have become so very close, inside and outside of our time in class. We hold each other accountable. We do life together. I love them. Truly love them. I do not want my time with them to end. I feel we are just getting started. There is no judgment, mistrust, jealousy, or competition. Only love and acceptance, and a “Come to Jesus” meeting if it’s needed!
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