We're Giving Away The Kitchen Sink

[leadplayer_vid id=”527B0352BAAFA”]   The preorder numbers have been amazing, but I believe that there are some of you out there who are still hesitant to pre-order the book. In my book, I share how it’s nearly impossible to take someone on a journey you’ve never been on. I believe the biggest reason people are not making disciples is because they have never been discipled themselves. With discipleship, the first step is always the most difficult.Growing Up Training Products v05 I am so committed to helping you make disciples that I want to offer you 1 essential component that will make ALL the difference. In addition to the 6 free resources (check them out here: growingupbook.com) you will get for pre-ordering the book before November 15th, I am also going to throw in another freebie. In December, I will release a video series bundle for purchase as part of the Growing Up Challenge. If you pre-order the book before November 15, you will have the option to be enrolled for free. You will have full access to a 13 week video equipping series where I will walk with you week by week through each chapter of the book. Order here and send me the receipt (Those who’ve already pre-ordered will receive this extra freebie as well).