What a Lot of People Miss About Our Role in Our Discipleship

Ed Stetzer:53618

Leaders are asking questions like, “What should we do?” and “How should we do it?” They want to know the best ways to turn this discipleship deficit into the kind of robust discipleship that will matter along the way.

The Internet is full of discipleship models—some good, and some not so good. But what can we learn about discipleship from the Scriptures? In this series of articles, we are looking at four discipleship principles found in the Bible.

  • Maturity is a goal for disciples.

  • God wants you and your church on a clear path toward spiritual growth.

  • God involves us in our own growth, as well as our church’s growth.

  • God calls you and your church to be spiritual leaders.

As a leader, Discipleship is growing your faith while God is using you to grow others.