As the New Year approaches we tend to focus on the things we want to accomplish. We ask ourselves key
questions about what we are doing in life and what we want to add or change about our life. One
of the key elements of life is spiritual growth. We are either growing toward Christ or away from Him. Being a disciple of Jesus means following Him wherever He leads. It means being obedient to His call to make disciples.

The Growing Up Challenge is a 13-week experience designed to help you grow in a closer walk with Christ, gain a better understanding of the Bible, and experience more meaningful relationships with others. Watch the video and pray about joining us kick off 2017 focused on this step-by-step process for spiritual growth.

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Here is what you get when you sign up:

  • Growing Up Almanac—Leader’s Guide
  • Growing Up Weekly Training Videos (13 Videos)
  • All of the Appendices in a downloadable form

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