Who is the Discipleship Blueprint For?

ad-blueprint Are you a pastor who’s looked at this command and the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20 and thought, “Where do I start?” You’re not alone.  Ultimately, making disciples happens through the work of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Still, many wonder how to practically carry out such a daunting task.  So, to help pastors and leaders get started, Replicate Ministries is hosting 150 participants for a Discipleship Blueprint conference  (https://www.discipleshipblueprint.com) Oct. 8-10. Pastor Robby Gallaty has a passion for making disciples, specifically in the context of the local church.  At Brainerd Baptist Church, intentional discipleship has changed the culture and now it’s our desire to share all God has done and is doing to fulfill the Great Commission through the local body. In this three-day training, you’ll be equipped to begin a disciple-making process in your church.  During our time together, we’ll share proven methods – and some mistakes – that have shaped our strategy. You’ll hear from pastors and church members who actively make disciples who make disciples.  During intimate table discussions throughout the conference, you’ll have a chance to learn alongside others and ask real questions. This gathering isn’t about sitting and listening, it’s about providing you tools and support as you navigate the disciple-making process. As God continues to unfold his redemptive plan for the world through active discipleship, consider how you’re leading the Church to engage in making disciples, and decide if this conference is for you. We think it is. Get more details at https://www.discipleshipblueprint.com or contact John@ReplicateMinistries.org with any questions.