Why Your Discipleship Group Needs a Starter Guide

When one of my friends was born, his grandparents drove from Tennessee to Indiana to be there for his birth. At least that was the plan.

It wasn’t long before they realized they’d made a mistake: they were supposed to be in Munster, right outside of Chicago. But they were seeing signs for Iowa. They had gone West on I-80 instead of East.

Their error in those days before GPS was not having a full plan when they left. Since their roadmap was incomplete, they ended up somewhere they never intended to be.

If we’re not careful when starting our Discipleship Groups, we might find ourselves in the same situation. You may take a turn somewhere you’re not supposed to and end up at the entirely wrong destination.

Over the coming weeks, we are going to break down a resource called the D-Group Starter Guide that will help you have a full road map before you even start. When you begin with the end in mind, you’re going to have a much better chance of arriving at the destination you’re aiming for: producing fully formed, replicating disciples of Jesus.

Why the D-Group (Discipleship Group) Starter Guide?

There is no shortage of resources or methods that you can find for making disciples, many of which are excellent. Disciple-making is hardly a new concept, and volumes have been devoted to it over the years.

But as you set out to create a culture of discipleship among the people in your church, sometimes it helps to have everything available in the same place, with the same framework and with consistent language.

At Replicate, we believe that language creates culture. So if we want to create a culture of discipleship, it helps to get everybody on the same page.

This Starter Guide will provide you with every tool you need to set an effective road map in your discipleship journey.

It is worth noting that the practices you’ll find in these coming posts are not a magic formula that we’ve dreamed up on our own. Every step of this process is informed not only by Scripture, but by the very practices that Jesus used when leading His disciples two thousand years ago.

Although we might have given these practices names and acronyms and environments, the fundamental elements of discipleship haven’t changed. At the core of this entire process is being saturated with the Word of God, held accountable by like-minded believers, and transformed into the image of Jesus.

I pray that you are as excited as I am for you to start. Our team is here to help you in any way you need, especially by equipping you with resources that will make the process easier.

As we begin, take a few minutes to check out the starter guide at replicate.org/dgroup. Then, next week, we will jump right into what you should expect on your first week with your Discipleship Group.

To bulk order the starter guides, go to https://replicate.org/shop/.