• Can I send you a free copy of my upcoming book?

    I’ll keep this brief. My new book is coming out on April 4th. The publisher has allowed me to send a review copy (in paperback) to a limited number...

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  • Spark Conference

    You don’t want to miss out on the Spark conference this fall. Join me, Johnny Hunt, Eric Geiger, Derwin Gray, and countless others. It’s not just another conference. SPARK is...

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  • Making Disciples Like Jesus Intended

    Robby Gallaty, pastor of Longhollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, Tennessee, and one of the conference speakers, said the Church suffers from one major challenge when it comes to discipleship. “We’ve...

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  • Language Creates Culture

    Language creates culture. This phrase has become one of my personal mantras for life and ministry. It’s the idea that words create worlds. The language we define and use...

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  • Foundations is Back in Stock!

    We posted a few weeks ago that Foundations was out of stock. We are happy to announce that it’s now back in stock at Lifeway! We’ve listed the links...

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  • My Favorite Devotional

    Along with the new year comes all types of new and improved resolutions, among those—reading the Bible every day. Among recommendations from stores, fitness gyms, and dietary experts—the last...

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