Ministry Myths


Debunk ministry myths.

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It’s human nature to assume something is true when it’s repeated often enough. But the fact is, most churches are less successful than they believe, develop fewer disciples than they think, and are not experiencing their full missional potential.

Over the last 2,000 years, the church has drifted from making Christ’s final words it’s first work.

What myths hold your church back?

replicate ministry myth 1 - The Engagement Myth

The Engagement Myth



Change how you measure success and revolutionize your ministry.

replicate ministry myth 2 - The Expertise Myth

The Expertise Myth

Ministry Excellence

Excellent Ministry

Eliminate the sidelines and stop exhausting leaders.

replicate ministry myth 3 - The Equipping Myth

The Equipping Myth



Help people close the gap between biblical knowledge and biblical action.

replicate ministry myth 4 - The Empowerment Myth

The Empowerment Myth

Filling Spots

Empowering People

Start engaging the passion and calling of individual believers.

replicate ministry myth 5 - The Execution Myth

The Execution Myth

Church Impact

Ministry Ownership

Multiply impact. Activate disciple-makers where they live, work, and play.

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