Dream Disciple


What is a Dream Disciple?

A vivid picture of the individual transformation that tells us when we are successful.

A Vivid Picture

If you aim at nothing, you hit it every time. Most churches don’t have any picture of a disciple they are developing and they wonder why it isn’t happening. Other churches have a definition of a disciple, but it isn’t compelling. It may inform people about a disciple-making lifestyle, but it doesn’t inspire them.

Individual Transformation

Many churches communicate what they want people to do (e.g. Gather, Grow, Go), but few tell them who they will become. The Dream Disciple communicates who your people will become, not what they will do. lifestyle, but it doesn’t inspire them.

When We Are Successful

The Dream Disciple becomes a better way to measure what matters most. Moving beyond just program activity, the Dream Disciple becomes the focal point of how you measure if you are successful.

Without a Dream Disciple...

You will measure what is easiest but not what is best

One of the greatest myths in ministry is that program activity equals individual transformation. When we only measure people’s attendance in our programs, we make program activity the end goal, not individual transformation. Though there is a correlation between program activity and individual transformation, we must not equate them as the same.

You tell people how their life will be busier not how it will be better

You tell them how their life will be busier, but not how it will be better. All your people hear is the time you want them to give, the actions you want them to take, and the groups you want them to join. At the end of the day, people don’t join your church for a busier calendar -  they join your church to become better people. Until we show our people how their life will be better, getting more involved in your church only makes their life busier.

You build a strategy but everyone has a different picture of success

When there are multiple visions, there will always be division. When you say words like “disciple,” “disciple-making,” and “fully devoted to Jesus” every staff member has a different vision in mind. Without a Dream Disciple, you don’t have one clear vision and scoreboard that unites everyone. Without a Dream Disciple, your staff will struggle to be fully aligned around your strategy, because everyone has a different picture of success.


John Smith Lead Pastor of Campus Ministries at Harvest Bible Chapel

“The Replicate process has been a fresh wind behind the sails of our leadership. It has helped us see a vision of what are called to do. For the first time in a long time, we are excited and ready for the future.”



Case Study: Harvest Bible Chapel

After a change in leadership and a difficult season, Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago was ready for the next season in their church – one that was marked by disciple-making. Replicate helped them craft a Dream Disciple that connected deeply with their context.

Alongside their Replicate Navigator, the Leadership Team took inspiration from Psalms 1 and created an agrarian theme that connected with the church’s name. Additionally, the roles spoke not only to the different roles they wanted their people to live into, but also specific chapters in the church’s history.

By the end of the two days together, the team had created language that connected deeply with its people. It honored the past while cast vision for the future. Most importantly, it gave every church member a picture of what it meant to join Harvest Bible Chapel on mission.

Harvest Bible Chapel’s Four Roles:

  • Uniquely Planted
  • Deeply Rooted
  • Carefully Pruned
  • Persistently Fruitful

How do you measure success?

Nearly every church measures program activity, but not personal transformation. The Dream Disciple will help you measure what matters most: spiritual growth.

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