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D-Group Launch

What is D-Group Launch?

D-Group Launch is an innovative, collaborative journey that includes both in-person & virtual sessions. Through this process, your church will build your D-Group Launch Team comprised of 4-12 people from your Executive Leadership Team (at a minimum of 2 people). Our Replicate Navigators then guide your team to launch and sustain your Discipleship Group ministry. Additionally, you will get to learn from other churches who are going through the same process.

Brad Daugherty leading a church through the Replicate D-Group Launch Process

Step 1: Assess Your Culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. During the kick-off workshop, your D-Group Launch Team will assess the church's culture to discover obstacles and opportunities that the team will face in implementing Discipleship Groups. Your Replicate Navigator will help you create a personalized summary of what the team must be aware of as they move forward. 

Church leaders learn about discipleship group strategies with Replicate

Step 2: Develop Disciple-Making Leadership

Your Replicate Navigator will train your team on the shift in mentality and skills necessary for leaders to activate disciple-making movements. Learn the difference between leading Small Groups and Discipleship Groups. Additionally, you will create a Discipleship Group Launch plan as you identify the greatest threats that could kill the ministry in its first five years.

Church pastors and discipleship pastors launch discipleship groups with Replicate

Step 3: Launch Pilot Groups

The members of your D-Group Launch Team will each launch a pilot Discipleship Group with hand-selected leaders using the provided Replicate model. Your team will gather feedback from members and begin to create a contextualized Discipleship Group.

 In-Depth Virtual Sessions 

Create an Integration Plan

Your Replicate Navigator and D-Group Launch Team will assess the ministries of your church and determine where Discipleship Groups best fit and what adjustments would maximize the impact of current ministries.

Design Your Discipleship Group

With feedback from your Pilot Group members and the training from your Navigator, your team will work through the Ministry Design Bullseye to collaboratively design a contextualized Discipleship Group that fits your unique culture.

Learn How to Multiply Discipleship Groups

Your Navigator will train your team on how to multiply your Discipleship Groups into three types of Leadership (both in and outside your church programming). Using the Leadership Star tool, your team will have a simple tool that helps each Discipleship Group member step into Gospel-centered, calling-driven leadership.

Design Your Leadership Development Flywheel

As your Discipleship Groups multiply, you will need to create the resources and strategies that provide recruiting, coaching, and care for your leaders. This session will provide you with what you need to sustain your Discipleship Groups for long-term success.


Case Study

 New Beginnings  

New Beginnings was a growing church, but in 2018, their Senior Pastor, Todd Kaunitz felt like something was missing. The attendance was at an all-time high, but the spiritual depth was low. The Leadership realized that they weren't making disciples.

In, 2020, Replicate partnered with new Beginnings to launch Discipleship Groups (they call them Restore Groups). These groups have become the crown jewel of the church's strategy. It has become the place where they are developing disciple-makers who are reading the Bible, hearing from the Spirit, sharing their faith, holding each other accountable, and teaching others to do the same.

Churches we've trained:

Replicate has trained thousands of church leaders to implement a disciple-making vision and strategy.

Our processes have been successful in small, medium, large, and mega-church contexts. Additionally, these strategies have been implemented in church plants and established churches of over 100+ years.

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Are you ready to launch and sustain your Discipleship Group ministry?

This process will teach you what Discipleship Groups are and how you can get them started in your group. With the help of our team, you will be able to get them launched in your church in a matter of days.


Replicate Ministries is a consulting group whose fee is based on the church’s current worship attendance and project complexity.