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Multiplication Process

Unleash the Potential of Your Ministry's Next Decade

Are you eager to witness your church thriving with more devoted followers? Our trusted Multiplication Process is here to guide you in creating and initiating a tailor-made disciple-making movement that unlocks the true potential of your congregation.

In 8 to 10 months, you'll have a clear vision for you and your team to name the 10-year, three-year, one-year, and semester goals for your disciple-making movement.

 The Problem 

Many Churches Struggle with Disciple-Making because they:

  • Measure success only by how active their people are in their programs.
  • Pursue program excellence at the expense of developing emerging leaders.
  • Lack environments where people practice disciple-making skills.
  • Plug people into the roles that best serve their programming rather than their personal calling.
  • Minimize how church members can impact their community.
Replicate's Multiplication Process in action

 The Solution 

Multiplication Process

Phase 1: Name your church’s unique disciple-making  Motivation .

Is your Motivation for ministry clear? Does it capture the hearts of your people? And is it changing their paradigms towards an everyday disciple-making lifestyle?

mult process pyramid level 3-1


Phase 2: Build a  Method  that focuses more on transformation than activity.

In this step, we’ll ask: What approach will help us develop disciple-makers who are on mission where they live, work, and play?

mult process pyramid level 2-1


Phase 3: Create your  Map  for the future.

By the end of phase three, all elements of your disciple-making movement will be functioning at your church!

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What's included in your Multiplication Process

Replicate Navigator

You’ll work directly with a dedicated pastor-practitioner assigned to your church and responsible for every step of our process.

Core Process

The Vision Plan Process core process is a collaborative training and decision-making environment based on tools used by thousands of churches.

Monthly Coach Calls

In this monthly call, your Replicate Navigator will coach your team’s point person on how to roll out each step to your staff and congregation.

Monthly Onsite Visits

Your Navigator will conduct monthly onsites. No two are exactly alike. We’ll set aside time for Core Process planning, staff sessions, and more.

Additional options for the Multiplication Process

Leader Gatherings

Your Replicate Navigator will lead two gatherings to help you get key stakeholders bought in to lead your vision forward. Included in two of your onsites.

Weekend Observation

Your Navigator will observe a weekend of ministry and provide a debrief from the “guest’s perspective” with immediate opportunities for improvements.

Team Alignment

We help your Vision Plan Team Members better identify and employ their strengths using the Insight Inventory personal assessment tool.

Transformation Results

 See the Multiplication Process in action! 
Discover the the secrets to New Beginnings' 41% growth or check out the Case Study video from First Monroe Baptist Church in Louisiana.

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