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How can we help you in your disciplemaking journey?

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What makes Replicate Unique?
Replicate Ministries exists to equip the local church to make disciples that make disciplemakers. We do this by providing a simple, effective discipleship plan for your home, group, and church.

Over the last decade, Replicate has trained thousands of church leaders to implement a unique discipleship strategy that works for their church. Additionally, Replicate has created discipleship resources for kids, teenagers, and adults that has helped countless homes discuss the Bible as a family. What makes Replicate unique is its team of practitioners, its training values, and its MARCS of a healthy disciple.

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The Replicate Team  

The Replicate Team consists of practitioners who are actively implementing Replicate’s principles in their current context. Replicate’s Founder and President Robby Gallaty serves as the Lead Pastor of Long Hollow where he and the Replicate Team equip their people to make disciples in their home and in groups. Having a team of active pastors helps us discern what church leaders need and provide practical, relevant training that answers the questions that pastors are actually asking.   


Biblically Sound: Replicate emphasizes not only Jesus’ message to make disciples, but the discipleship methods he modeled. Our strategy is founded on biblical principles that have proven success.   

Proven and Practical: Replicate is committed to not just providing great principles, but giving you practical content that allows you to implement the principles in your context. Our trainings provide you with a vision of where you want to go and resources that you can implement immediately.   

Reproducible Principles: Replicate emphasizes believers replicating their life by discipling others.  We distill all of our principles down to its simplest form so that it can be applied by kids, teenagers, and adults.  

Scalable For Any Context: Replicate designs all its strategy and resources to be used in any context. Our discipleship resources for the home work for all ages and our church training has thrived in small, medium, and large churches.  

Collaborative Partnerships: Replicate functions as a travel guide for churches and their leaders on their disciplemaking journey. We regularly connect with pastors to be a guide and support system as they lead their people to make disciples.  



Replicate’s disciplemaking training is all encompassing because it includes both evangelism and discipleship. Replicate measures a healthy disciple by five MARCS: 

  • Missional: A disciple engages with those who are far from God.  
  • Accountable: A disciple is real with oneself, God, and others. 
  • Reproducible: A disciple invests in faithful men and women.  
  • Communal: A disciple intentionally shares life with other believers. 
  • Scriptural: A disciple experiences intimacy with Christ through regularly reading, meditating, and obeying God’s Word.