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Work with a Replicate pastor-practitioner to create a custom strategy based on our proven process. (Greatest impact.)

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Go farther faster with the Replicate Collective: transformational, cohort-based coaching and collaboration.

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Access free and reasonably-priced courses, books, and other resources to get you started on your disciple-making movement.

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We Resource Disciple-makers

Supply your disciple-making practitioners with materials designed to train disciples, not just create attendees.

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Is your church fulfilling its purpose and potential?

Are you growing devoted followers of Jesus, not just on Sunday or within the bounds of carefully crafted programs…

Or are you creating a legacy of multiplying disciples that reaches far beyond your influence and lasts long after you’re gone?

Because if you measure your effectiveness any other way, you might not accomplish the one thing Jesus asked us to go into the world to do.

Make disciples.

Launch Your MovementFind Out What Has You Stuck

Does this describe your church?

We’re creating attendees, not disciples.

You’re winning people to your church. They’re coming to services and signing up for programs.

But they’re not growing in Jesus.

Our team isn’t all on the same mission.

Maybe you have a mission statement, but you haven’t been able to align every element of ministry around it.

You need to get your team unified.

Our discipleship efforts keep fizzling out.

Maybe you started small groups, hired consultants, or built a plan. But you never saw the results you dreamed of.

You wonder if a solution exists.

That’s where we found ourselves.

We’re pastors who worked hard, tried to follow all existing best practices, and nearly burned ourselves out. We were doing everything the “right way” but not following Jesus’ disciple-making example or call.

At our lowest moments, we wondered if we would ever hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Thankfully, we don’t have to wonder anymore.

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Proven disciple-making solutions tested in our churches.

Replicate provides customizable, multiplication-focused toolkits and resources that empower every church to activate an all-play, everyday disciple-making movement.

Inspire your church with a fresh and clear disciple-making vision.

Develop strategies to keep your people on his mission.

Implement week-in, week-out tactics that empower disciple-makers at every level.

Get cohort-based ministry coaching for you or your team.

Get multiplication-focused resources for your church and disciple-makers.

Make Jesus’ Last Words Your First Work.

Launch Your MovementFind Out What Has You Stuck

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Free Assessment: Ministry Myths

What’s holding your church back? And could a simple mindset shift change everything?

In this downloadable PDF and assessment, find out if your church has been stalled by one of the five assumptions that hinder disciple-making movements.

Find Out What Has You Stuck

Let’s map the future of your disciple-making movement.

Answer the question, “Where are we going?” with confidence.

Our pastor-practitioners lead a customizable process that leads to more people growing in Jesus, more disciples training disciples, and more individuals carrying Jesus into their circle of impact.

Define your disciple-making motivation. - (Why we do it.)

Align every leader with the Great Commission.

Recenter every activity around multiplying disciples.

Customize a disciple-making plan for your unique culture.

Build a custom method. - (How we do it.)

Prioritize principles over prescription.

Employ a proven process rather than another quick fix.

Move people from “apathetic” to “empowered and engaged.”

Implement disciple-making ministries. - (What we do.)

Inspire shared passion.

Instigate individual growth.

Influence Jesus-centered living beyond Sunday morning.

Map your disciple-making movement! - (Where we go—years one through ten.)

More Jesus beyond the walls of your church.

More Jesus in the marketplace.

More Jesus in places pastors don’t get invited (but everyday disciples do!).

Feel like you’re doing what you were made to do:

Raise up and multiply disciples of Jesus.

 Launch Your MovementFind Out What Has You Stuck

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