MARCS of a Disciple

“How can I know if my disciple-making efforts are effective? How can I know if people growing spiritually?” Have you ever asked these questions? If so, you are not alone. Many disciple-makers regularly struggle with these issues. While attendance and baptisms are easily counted, measuring the spiritual maturity of our people is not quite so simple. To make matters worse, an unfortunate reality of our day is that pastors are graded on how big their churches are and not how mature their people have become. Sadly, the American church has adopted business metrics to grow churches rather than biblical methods for growing disciples. In MARCS of a Disciple, Pastor Robby Gallaty provides a biblical guide for gauging spiritual growth. Mature disciples are Missional, Accountable, Reproducible, Communal, and Scriptural. Use this book as a measuring stick to determine the health and effectiveness of disciple-making in your church and personal life. Jesus didn’t leave the maturity of his disciples to chance; neither should we.




Rediscovering Discipleship

With simple principles that are easy to apply, Rediscovering Discipleship provides readers with the tools to go and actually make disciples who multiply and make disciples. Based on insights gained from a decade of personally making disciples, author and pastor Robby Gallaty tackles the two hindrances that keep believers from getting involved in making disciples: ignorance and uncertainty. Gallaty offers a step-by-step process for readers to get started on the path to effective disciple making.




replicate-book-firmly-plantedFirmly Planted: How to Cultivate a Faith Rooted in Christ

Why Is Spiritual Growth So Complicated? Are you one of the many Christians desiring a closer relationship with God but have no idea where to begin? Firmly Planted is the second book in the Growing Up discipleship trilogy. In biblical, practical, and simple terms, Robby Gallaty shares a roadmap for spiritual maturity. The book addresses topics such as:

  • How you can be Sure of your salvation
  • Why your Identity in Christ affects everything you do
  • How to overcome the 3 Enemies that cripple a Christian’s growth
  • A Battle plan for gaining victory over temptation
  • The Indispensable spiritual discipline every believer must foster, and much more

This book takes the guesswork out of a deeper walk with Christ.




Growing Up MockupGrowing Up: How to Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples

I think I’m a lot like you. There was a time in my life when I wanted to grow in my faith but just didn’t know how. I owned a Bible, but didn’t understand it. I heard others pray, but didn’t know how to communicate with God. I wanted to share my faith with others, but didn’t know where to start. I had friends at Church, but lacked deep relationships with anyone. I wanted to hide God’s word in my heart, but lacked a plan for memorization. I read the Scriptures, but didn’t know how to apply them. Maybe this is where you are today.

One day my life changed forever. What was the turning point? I realized the importance and power of discipleship. Two men took the time to invest in my life (David Platt–author of Radical and Follow Me, as well as the Foreword of my book–and Tim Lafleur). Since then I have read nearly every book on discipleship, searching for answers to my questions. Now I want to share my findings with you. Growing Up takes the guesswork out of growing closer to the Lord and equipping others to do the same. This book has the potential to change your life!





Foundations: A 260-Day Bible Reading Plan for Busy Believers

The Bible, in and of itself, is a miracle. Think about it — over centuries of time, God supernaturally moved upon a number of men’s hearts, resulting in them writing down the exact words of God. God then led His people to recognize these divine writings and to distinguish them from everything else that has ever been written. Then God’s people brought these 66 books together. The preservation and survival of the Bible is as miraculous as its writing. Then God gave men technological knowledge to copy and transmit the Bible so that all people could have it. All of this took place because God has something to say toyou.

With Foundations, you can read through all 66 of the miraculous books of the Bible in one year, while still having the flexibility of reading 5 days per week. Along with supplementary devotional content each day, you can experience the miracle of reading and responding to the entirety of God’s Word. By using the H.E.A.R. journaling method, you will be guided through Highlighting, Explaining, Applying, and Responding to passages, allowing for practical application throughout the year-long plan. An edition for students is also now available!