*Note: This episode was recorded Monday afternoon, March 16. In the time between recording and releasing it, the CDC changed their recommendations, stating that groups above ten should be avoided. We now request that all groups cease meeting in person, despite what one moment in this episode recommends. Stay current with the CDC’s recommendations on their website: http://www.cdc.gov 

This is the first in an unexpected series of episodes in which Vick and Mike talk about why now, in times of uncertainty, your small group is more crucial than ever—and about the ways technology can help us be there for each other even if we’re not in the same physical room.

Time Stamps

  • 6:54 What should our priorities be during this time?
  • 13:55 How can we strengthen our communication during this time?
  • 18:08 A note about the coming week(s)
  • 21:13 A preview of tomorrow’s episode


Vick and Mike teased a few ways that communication can be made easier, which they will talk more about over the next couple of days:

We are ramping up our communication in the coming weeks through a few channels: 

  • Daily podcasts addressing current issues with the Coronavirus spread and what it means for us as Group leaders
  • A Facebook group where the most up-to-date information can be found (More on this tomorrow)
  • Email. Feel free, at any moment, to email us at groups@longhollow.com with questions or concerns and we will address them as they arise. 

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