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Conference Kits

3 Step Process To Equipping Your D-Group Leaders

  1. Purchase the D-Group Conference Kits
  2. Host Amazing Training Nights
  3. Equip Your People To Make Disciples
replicate d-group launch conference kit bundle

D-Group Bundle ($299)

The Conference Kits are a turn-key system to provide you with everything you need to host excellent training events for launching and multiplying D-Groups. After training hundreds of churches across the country, Robby Gallaty and the Replicate team have distilled down the best talks into two kits so that you can use them for your D-Group Training Events. Along with these training sessions, the kits includes planning resources, physical and digital graphics, D-Group guides, and more. With these kits, we handle the logistics, so you can focus on the relationships. With these resources and guides, you will greatly increase the impact your next training event has on your leaders while spending far less time on the details.

replicate discipleship d group launch kit


Robby Gallaty, Chris Swain, and Vick Green provide foundational talks that share the importance of discipleship, help you identify who to disciple, and then give you a step-by-step guide to how to facilitate your D-Group. Whether you use these training videos at your next Groups event or on-demand, this kit will give you everything you need to help D-Groups get started. In addition to these talks, you will receive resources for your staff and your church members to help your D-Groups thrive.

replicate discipleship d group multiply conference kit

D-Group Multiply ($149)

After months of meeting together and experiencing life-change, it can be difficult for D-Groups to leave their current group and start a new one. In this kit, Robby Gallaty, Chris Swain, and Vick Green inspiring talks about why we should multiply, the barriers that often prevent us from multiplying, and a special charge to pass on the spiritual baton that has been given to us. Along with these videos, the Replicate Multiply Guide is an interactive booklet that walks D-Groups step-by-step through the multiplication process.

What's included in the conference kits?

discipleship video training

Video Training

Launch Kit

  • The Strategy That Changed The World
  • 2 Most Influential Factors To Starting Strong
  • Model D-Group

Multiply Kit

  • Why We Multiply
  • 5 Most Common Multiplication Barriers
  • Passing The Baton

replicate staff resources

Staff Resources

  • Step-By-Step Strategy Guide
  • Pre-Event Checklist
  • Promotional Plan
  • Event Summary
  • Post-Event Checklist
d-group starter guide


  • D-Group Starter Guide 
  • D-Group Multiply Guide 
  • D-Group Invite
  • Event Response Cards
d-group multiply graphics


  • Facebook Graphics
  • Instagram Graphics
  • Physical Signage