Discipleship Group Videos

The following videos will help you lead your discipleship group with confidence and maximize your time with the men and women you are investing in.

How to START Your Discipleship Group

Who Should I Invite to My Discipleship Group

How to Invite People to Your Discipleship Group

Start strong by using the Weekly Guide Videos and the Discipleship Group Starter Guide - download below!

Weekly Guide Videos 

Week 1
Share Your Story

Week 2
Goals & Expectations

Week 3
Introducing HEAR Journals & Scripture Memory

Week 4
Introducing Accountability & Prayer

Download our most popular resource! Start, strengthen, & multiply D-Groups.

Discipleship Group Starter Guide

The Discipleship Starter Guide is an interactive four-week guide that group members walk through together to get their group started. This guide helps the group get to know one another, set expectations, introduce weekly disciplines, and establish group commitments.


Download the Discipleship Group Starter Guide