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Do you need a practical and simple plan to help you disciple those in your life?

Does your church need a
better groups strategy that moves people past connecting in community and move them to growing in their faith?

Are your Discipleship Groups struggling to multiply?

Is your staff struggling to provide the training your D-Group leaders need?

Discipleship Group Starter Guide

Replicate’s Most Popular Resource!

The Discipleship Starter Guide is an interactive three-week guide that group members walk through together to get their group started. This guide helps the group get to know one another, set expectations, introduce weekly disciplines, and establish group commitments.

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For church leaders, you can purchase these booklets in bulk. We recommend one booklet per group member.

Multiply Guide

Multiplying your Discipleship Group is the most difficult season for the group to navigate through. The Discipleship Group Multiply Guide is an interactive booklet that guides your Discipleship Group through the four conversations that the group needs to have in its final months to assure that it multiplies well.

For church leaders, we recommend that you provide one booklet per group member.

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D-Group Conference Kits

The Conference Kits are a turn-key system to provide you with everything you need to host excellent training events for launching and multiplying D-Groups. After training hundreds of churches across the country, Robby Gallaty and the Replicate team have distilled down the best talks into two kits so that you can use them for your D-Group Training Events. Along with these training sessions, the kits includes planning resources, physical and digital graphics, D-Group guides, and more. With these kits, we handle the logistics, so you can focus on the relationships. With these resources and guides, you will greatly increase the impact your next training event has on your leaders while spending far less time on the details.

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Supplemental Resources

Are you looking to inspire, appreciate, or equip your Discipleship Group members? Replicate has a large collection of books, reading plan resources, journals, and more to help your D-Group members be more consistent in their disciplines. Whether you need an appreciation gift, or resources for your next launch, we got you covered.


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